WP2 Meeting in Klaipeda

WP2 Meeting was held in Klaipeda on 26–27 October, 2016.


The meeting was very successful and offered the opportunity to an intensive exchange between the partners.

During the first meeting day, HAZARD partners discussed forthcoming activities at the end of the year 2016 and at the beginning of the year 2017. The next large-scale and small-scale exercises were in the agenda, and the plans were introduced. Additionally, the participants discussed the possibilities of the short-term staff exchange as a part of the project activities in the WP2.

On the second day, the participants heard an overview of the Fire and Rescue Service of Klaipeda County. The presentation on the findings and conclusions related to Hamburg Exercise in last September was given as well.



At the end of the second meeting day, participants visited the Port of Klaipeda. An excursion to the port provided a useful and interesting insight into port operations in Klaipeda.



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