ResQU2 demonstrating best practices in maritime emergency preparedness in April in Lübeck

This spring ResQU2 project platform takes its four projects to Lübeck to present their achievements in the field of maritime emergency preparedness. Our aim is to show how challenging transnational rescue operations are and what kind of solutions our projects have developed to make saving lives safer and more efficient.

ResQU2 will organise its own workshop at the Interreg Programme conference to demonstrate how the solutions created and experiences gained in the four ResQU2 projects, ChemSAR, DiveSMART Baltic, HAZARD and MIRG-EX, have improved the capacity to handle maritime rescue operations and operations taking place in sea ports.

The Interreg Programme will take place on 9 – 10 April 2019 in Lübeck, German. It consist of several parallel sessions organised by the invited platforms and projects to tell about the concrete benefits gained in them. For more information, visit the site of the Interreg Programme Conference. The attendance is free of charge.

Please see the agenda for the ResQU2 platform session and register by 18th of March 2019.


9 April 2019
Media docks, Willy-Brandt-Allee 31, 23554 Lübeck, Room Rusne

15:30 – 17:00

Moderator: Mr. Markku Mylly, Master Mariner, Senior Advisor

ResQU2 project platform
Ms. Kirsi Laitio, ResQU2 Coordinator, Centre for Maritime Studies, University of Turku

Scenarios/incidents to highlight the challenges in maritime rescue operations that have been tackled by platform projects:

People trapped in a sunken ship (DiveSMART Baltic)
Mr. Jonas Westerberg, Project Manager, DiveSMART Baltic
Ms. Else Timms, Funding Strategist, Swedish Coast Guard

Fire on board a passenger ship (MIRG-EX)
– scenario and lessons learned from a full scale exercise, as part of the European project MIRG-EX
Mr. Jeroen Zonnevijlle & Mr. Jeroen Meijering, Safety Region Zeeland

Chemical accident on board passenger-cargo ferry (ChemSAR)
Mr. Teemu Niemelä, Lieutenant Senior Grade, Finnish Border Guard

HAZARD – Exercises and risk management aiming to mitigate the effects of emergencies in ports
Mr. Miikka Toivonen, Fire Officer, Southwest Finland Emergency Services


ResQU2 welcomes you!

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