Workshop: Future developments and the relation in maritime incident control 27 Jan 2021

The workhop will handle technological development as a tool to fight incidents. What do we need to develop? Are developments strictly technological?

PROGRAMME (Central European Time)

Walk-in into the digital environment

Developments available based on the input of the participating Partners ResQU2

  • Developments and already existing tools policy manuals, procedures eg. in incident control/management and the field
  • What does the questionnaire tell us

Ruud Plomp, Artemas

SAR capacity of Galileo

  • Ground segment
  • RLS
  • future

Antonio Rolla, SAR Galileo, European Commission

10.00 Break

Plenary session – How, when to use these tools and
what do we need to develop to get access to these tools?

  • Fire Fighting, Hazmat, Diving, SAR, counter pollution,..
  • training/education?
  • Risk analyses?
  • Materials?
  • Procedures,
  • Human factor?
  • National/international cooperation?
  • Policypapers/legislation
    How can we Optimise the respond to incidents?

Ruud Plomp

11.15 Break

Closure : What recommendations do we have for EUROPE, future program/agreement between participating partners and EU?

Ruud Plomp, Artemas/Jeroen Zonnevijlle, Safety Region Zeeland

The link to the workshop and other technical information will be sent to participants prior to the event.


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