ResQU2 a new Flagship of the EUSBSR PA SECURE

ResQU2 Project Platform was granted a Flagship status under Policy Area Secure by the National Coordinators of the EUSBSR in their meeting in Copenhagen on 15 May 2019. The Flagship status means that ResQU2 project platform work is valued in meeting the targets set in the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region in relation to emergency preparedness and maritime safety.

The ResQU2 project platform is now a Flagship project for its activities support the objectives of the PA SECURE, such as better risk assessment and crisis management, and building up resilience against emergencies. These are the very items that the four ResQU2 member projects have been occupied with for the past few years. ResQU2 takes the use of the discovered best-practices further, for example, by investigating how new technology and innovations could be used more efficiently to increase preparedness in the Baltic and North Sea regions. The platform is also going to make recommendations related to maritime and port emergency preparedness for the Baltic Sea Region.

ResQU2 project platform is actually supported by two Policy Areas as both, EUSBSR PA SECURE and PA SAFE, are associated organisations of the platform.

The Policy Area (PA) SECURE

The Policy Area (PA) Secure focuses on protection from land-based emergencies, accidents and cross-border crime. It is one of the thirteen policy areas of the European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR). PA Secure activities are related to four areas: better risk assessment and crisis management, building up resilience and prevention towards emergencies and threats at the local level, enhancing effective cooperation in protecting human beings against criminal threats and preventing serious crime through developing efficient framework for law enforcement cooperation. PA Secure is coordinated by the Council of the Baltic Sea States Secreatariat (CBSS) and Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB).

In addition to ResQU2, four other projects were granted the Flagship status, namely CASCADE (PA Secure), MARA (HA Spatial Planning), SuMaNu (PA Bioeconomy), and COMBINE (PA Transport). ResQU2 congratulates the fellow Flagship projects!

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