HAZARD project achieved their defined goals

The EU partially funded HAZARD has successfully ended in Hamburg after three years of project activities. HAZARD involved 14 different partners from Germany, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden.

Since September 2016, 10 large-scale HAZARD exercises have been conducted in three partner countries. The last drill of the project arranged in Hamburg was completed in front of involved participants, as well as political, security and economic stakeholders on 30 April 2019. The Hamburg Fire and Rescue Service  and HHLA organised an exercise based on a scenario, where a hazardous substance leaks from a 20-foot container. The exercise took place at HHLA Burchardkai.

With the help of all involved partners, the three-year HAZARD Project achieved set goals of improving port safety and security and optimising the co-operation of the major seaports in the Baltic Sea Region.


Text: Markus Jostes, Hamburg Fire and Rescue Service

All photos: Hamburg Fire and Rescue Services

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