Fire and Rescue Services learn by Short-term staff exchange

ResQU2 platform continues to enhance emergency preparedness in the region despite the current difficult circumstances. Two of our partner organisations arranged a visit to benchmark their operations and exchange experiences related to rescue operations. The visit took place in August in Lithuania.

Mr. Jürgen Krempin from the Hamburg Fire and Rescue Service had an opportunity to visit his peers at the Klaipeda Fire and Rescue Service on 11–14 August 2020. It was one of the rare possibilities to visit a partner organisation in times of Corona pandemic.

The visit was organised by Mr Mindaugas Kruopys, who is Project Manager at the Klaipeda Fire and Rescue Service. The visit served many purposes, however, the main topics of the stay were

  • to enable a general exchange of experiences during the ResQU2 platform,
  • to give updates of the general situation and developments of both fire brigades (especially in times of Corona),
  • a visit of Silute’s new fire and rescue station (see photographs), and
  • a visit of the flooding and the flood protection measures in Silute-Region in the South of Lithuania.
Transnational cooperation between rescue services: Mindaugas Lapas, Deputy Chief of Klaipeda Fire and Rescue Service, Jürgen Krempin, Hamburg Fire and Rescue Service, and Rimantas Mačijauskas, Chief of Silute Fire Station.

Interesting was the fact that on 9 August this year, a real oil spill happened in Klaipeda harbour and Mr Krempin received actual information about the oil spill management and the deployed units, such as fire brigade, military and also others.

The visit was completed by the welcome of the Deputy Chief of Klaipeda Fire and Rescue Service, Mr. Mindaugas Lapas and a visit to Lithuania’s Cold War Museum.

“It was a fruitful and impressive visit in Lithuania. Face-to-face meetings are extremely important and gainful for cross-border cooperation and the successful progress within EU and BSR Projects”, remarks Mr Krempin. He invited the Lithuanian colleagues for a return visit in Hamburg, as soon as the Corona restrictions allow travelling again.

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