Rescue professionals are invited to contribute to ResQU2 work by filling in a questionnaire

ResQU2 is soon finalising its activities, one of which is to enhance utilization of technological innovations in maritime incidents and rescue operations. A questionnaire has been released to collect views and experiences from rescue professionals beyond the partnership to support the work.

The main aim of the questionnaire is to collect views related to use of technology and innovations in rescue operations and control in different regions and countries. However, we are also looking for views on possible gaps and challenges now and in the foreseen future. In addition to the questionnaire, some online interviews will take place.

The results of the questionnaire and interviews will be used in the workshop on Future development and the relation in maritime on incident control taking place online on 27 January 2021.

ResQU2 partners welcome any contribution from organisations, such as rescue authorities and services, ports or other related fields. In case you are interested, please download the ResQU2 Questionnaire. More information in the questionnaire.

We value your contribution!

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