HAZARD Toolbox demonstrated to ports and port operators

Mr. Ayman Nagi from the Institute of Business Logistics and General Management of the Hamburg University of Technology was invited as a speaker to the Joint workshop on the Joint preparedness management organised by the Finnish Port Association and Finnish Port Operators Association. The aim of his visit was to demonstrate the use of HAZARD Online Seaport Risk Assessment Toolbox. This so called HAZARD Toolbox was developed in HAZARD, one of the ResQU2 platform member projects.

The Hamburg University of Technology is a partner in the HAZARD project. The workshop took place in Helsinki on 17 May 2019 and attracted over twenty professionals from different ports and port-related companies.

More on HAZARD toolbox at https://blogit.utu.fi/hazard/ and https://hazard.logu.tuhh.de/.


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