As promised in Palanga: A package of the HAZARD and ChemSAR results with contact information

Southwest Finland Emergency Services and The Finnish Border Guard organized a workshop dealing with the results of HAZARD and ChemSAR projects, as a part of the ResQU2 meeting 6-7 February in Palanga, Lithuania.

The objective of the workshop was to raise ideas and discussion among the participants how to benefit from the project results especially in Lithuania. Discussions were based on presentations of the both projects and four instructional themes – cooperation, networking, risk assessment and evaluation.

Common exercises between authorities and other stakeholders, utilizing new technologies and platforms in networking & communication, clear division of responsibilities and the importance of proper evaluation process of exercises were some of the topics that recurred in the discussions.

The presentations and conclusions of the workshop can be found below.

Organizers promised to share the presented project outputs with contact information to the participants. Whether you are participant of the workshop or not, feel free to explore the outputs provided below and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!

ChemSAR Operational Plan and Procedures, Dataportal and E-learning



Please contact The Finnish Border Guard for further information:

  • Lieutenant Senior Grade Teemu Niemelä, The Finnish Border Guard, or +358 50 456 1720

HAZARD Exercise Plan Template and Short Term Staff Exchange Plan


Please contact Southwest Finland Emergency Services for further information:

HAZARD Checklist for Crises Communication


Please contact Southwest Finland Emergency Services for further information:

  • Communication Officer Maria Nykyri, Southwest Finland Emergency Services, or +358 40 173 5239

HAZARD Seaport Risk Assessment Toolbox


Please contact Hamburg University of Technology for further information:

  • Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kersten, Hamburg University of Technology, or +49 40 42878 3523
  • Mr. Ayman Nagi, M. Sc. MBA, Hamburg University of Technology, or +49 40 42878 4561

If you are interested in more information of these two projects, please visit the websites or contact us!

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