Future developments and the relation in maritime incident control

ResQU2 workshop about Future developments and the relation in maritime incident control was held in Riga 22.-23.10.2019. The participants came from 9 different countries around the Baltic Sea Region and the North Sea. Thus, apart from the shared results and materials, the workshop gave the participants a good opportunity to network.

Mr. Ruud Plomp and Mr. Walter van Kan started the day by stirring the participants to think about risks consequent upon the latest developments now and in the future, and the meaning of human factor in handling incidents.

After thorough and interesting introduction to the subject matter the participants were thinking of solutions on how to deal with these challenges in relation to technological, environmental, organisational and human factor elements.

ResQU2 is a platform of four projects handling with incident preparedness. The results and lessons learned in these projects were also introduced to the audience.

Jonas Westerberg told about DiveSMART Baltic project which has developed preparedness and training of rescue diving. The project has also gathered an inventory about rescue diving resources around the Baltic Sea, which can be handed over to RCCs. The aim in the future is to form national coordinating groups to maintain the built co-operation.
Read more about DiveSMART Baltic

HAZARD project aimed at mitigating the risks of emergencies in the BSR ports and 12 large-scale exercise were arranged during the project. Miikka Toivonen and Maria Nykyri told about the lessons learned during the project and the exercises, and shared the concrete risk assessment tool which was created in the project.
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Teemu Niemelä told about the Standard Operational Procedures for maritime SAR in Hazardous and noxious substances incidents that were created in ChemSAR project. The handbook for maritime SAR in HNS incidents is available to use for all the maritime rescue authorities. The developed guidelines and procedures enhance the preparedness for international rescue operations and clarify and harmonise the processes already in use and increase the rate of saving human lives.
Read more about ChemSAR

Links to materials
HAZARD Risk Assessment toolbox
Handbook for Maritime SAR in HNS Incidents
ChemSAR eLearning material
ChemSAR Dataportal

This was only the first of the ResQU2 workshops handling technology and innovations in rescue operations, a follow up workshop for this will take place next June in The Netherlands. You are welcome to join us there!

The organisers Andrejs Zvaigne and Inese barbare from the Latvian Maritime Academy (left and right) and Lucas Wassenberg from Safety Region Zeeland (NL), who was also the moderator of the workshop.
Participants came from 9 different countries around thew BSR and Holland.

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