DiveSMART Baltic and ResQU2 showcases for transnational co-operation

DiveSMART Baltic representatives, Else Timms and Jonas Westerberg from the Swedish Coast Guard were invited to speak in the Workshop on Transnational Cooperation held yesterday, on the 10th of October, in Brussels. DiveSMART Baltic was used as a showcase for transnational co-operation. The Workshop was organised in the framework of the European Week of Regions and Cities currently ongoing in Brussels.

In principal, the Workshop focused on the benefits of the Interreg funding. The topics discussed were the scopes, challenges, and long term effects of projects. The invited speakers were quite in agreement concerning these issues handled, despite the geographical differences of their respective projects. A clear and simple idea, good communication, a solid partnership, and time for lobbying the project were the factors highlighted in the roundtable discussions.

The participants were unanimous in their thinking that permanent management is a challenge for all projects and our speakers were also able to present the benefits of the ResQU2 platform related to this question of durability.

The opportunity to participate in this workshop realized because DiveSMART Baltic had been featured in the Panorama Magazine in this summer.

Text & photo: Else Timms




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