DiveSMART Baltic and ChemSAR benefits explained to maritime safety experts

Two of the ResQU2 projects partners, representing DiveSMART Baltic and ChemSAR, were invited to the Maritime Safety Conference to demonstrate the best-practices discovered in the projects. Mr. Jonas Westerberg (DiveSMART Baltic) told and showed what they have done in making the rescuing of people from a sunken ship safer. Mr. Teemu Niemelä (ChemSAR) introduced the created ChemSAR SOPs for maritime HNS incidents.

DiveSMART Baltic and ChemSAR have already long been co-operating and now their paths have crossed in the ResQU2 platform and the co-operation continues tighter than ever.

Teemu Niemelä (ChemSAR) and Jonas Westerberg (DiveSMART Baltic) disseminating best-practices in the Maritime Safety Seminar in Helsinki on 5 June 2019 (Photo: Päivi Söderholm)
Sometimes the sea is calm and there is time for a coffee by the seaside (Photo: Päivi Söderholm)

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