ResQ your communication – Existing good practices and future challenges 20 Jan 2021

This seminar is for communication specialists & managers of the safety authorities, the port authorities and the port operators in the BSR, communication specialists & managers of the ResQU2 project partner’s organizations.

Online seminar

PROGRAMME (Central European Time)

Miikka Toivonen, Fire Officer, South-West Finland Emergency Services

Definition of Communication
Kinds and Methods of Communication and participants
Hierachy (who is in charge?)
Communication before, during and after emergencies
Current Corona Communication
All from the view of HHLA
Norbert Smietanka, HHLA, Germany

Communication between authorities and the decision-making process in crises situations
Fabian Gluck and Bastian Fischer, Hamburg Fire and Rescue Services, Germany

Zeeland Veilig; a public resilience communication platform in the second highest risk area of the Netherlands 
Arnoud Knegt, Safety Region Zeeland

10.50 Break

Information flow and communication between authorities in maritime crises
Aleksandrs Pavlovic, Head of Marine Accident Investigation Department, Transport Accident and Incident Investigation Bureau

Megatrend ABC and future challenges in communication
Anna Solovjew-Wartiovaara, SITRA

12.30    Discussion and end of seminar

The organiser reserves the right to make changes.


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The link to the workshop will be sent to participants prior to the event.

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