ResQU2 partners all on board: first stop Hamburg

The ResQU2 partners gathered together last week to launch the platform’s activities in the Kick-off meeting in Turku. All four of our member projects presented their key achievements, on which the partnership builds the ResQU2 activities. The platform is about disseminating the best practices and lessons learnt related to rescue operations at sea and in seaports.

Here is the ResQU2 family in the Fire Museum, with the exception that Mindaugas Kruopys is behind the camera.

The two-day Kick-off meeting passed in a very pleasant atmosphere, which was no wonder as most of our partners had been working together not only in the four ResQU2 member projects ChemSAR, DiveSMART Baltic, HAZARD, and MIRG-EU/MIRG-Ex but also between them crossing borders and boundaries. The task set to partners for this meeting was to plan the approximate schedule, means, and topics for the dissemination work ahead of us as well as bind the outcome of the four member projects together. The amount of work was undeniably enormous but we managed to get started and agree upon the next steps to be taken.

First stop Hamburg

After discussion, deadlock, and more discussion, the partners found the common route towards the platform goal: share our experiences and lessons learnt to SAVE LIVES. The first stop on this route will be Hamburg where the project experts will present their knowledge on How to build maritime response.This topic was chosen to be the title of the first ResQU2 workshop as one of our partners expressed that they are hoping to get the necessary information and tools to build up a MIRG team in their country. So, ResQU2 partners and projects will offer their expertise on this matter in an open workshop for rescue authorities in the Baltic Sea and North Sea Regions. The event will take place in Hamburg on 17–18 January 2019. More information will later be provided on this site.

It is good to acknowledge that this kind of cross-boundary co-operation could not be possible without a transnational funding instrument such as the Interreg BSR programme, at least, not to this extent.


Photos: Päivi Söderholm, Mindaugas Kruopys, Anu Bask and Kirsi Laitio

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