Europe Forum in Turku

The City of Turku hosted a three-day Europe Forum on 29-31 August 2019. The Turku Europe Forum promotes an open debate between citizens and decision-makers.

The Europe Forum is a platform for a social debate on Finland’s current and future role in Europe and in the European Union from a longer-term perspective. The Europe Forum brings together people from all aspects of life: political decision-makers, NGOs, businesses, labor organizations, experts, and citizens. The forum included seminars, panel discussions, questionnaires, and citizens’ debate,s which handled the role and development of the European Union. One aim of the event was bridge-building between decision-making and the everyday life of citizens.

ResQU2 Project Platform took part in the Europe Forum by sharing a pavilion together with different EU funding programmes. Each funding programme was represented by some projects. ResQU2 was representing the Interreg BSR programme. The University of Turku and the Southwest Finland Emergency Services were on site to tell about the developments achieved by EU funding, mainly showing the results in ChemSAR and HAZARD projects, which are both members of the ResQU2. The Southwest Finland Emergency Services were also sharing information about their other ongoing Interreg projects.

Mr. Torbjörn Lindström, Southwest Finland Emergency Services, took part in a panel discussion “Interreg makes a difference in the field of transport” highlighting the achievements through examples of different projects.

Interreg Roulette
Come and take a picture
It’s so hard to get good staff

The panel discussion
And a rest backstage after a busy day!

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