Ethics and Neuroscience of Self-Control in 2016

In the spring of 2016, the philosophy unit will host unique opportunities for researchers and postgraduate students in the ethics and neuroscience of self-control. Our cluster group, entitled “Improving Ourselves as Moral Agents”, is made possible by a prize from The Philosophy and Science of Self-Control research project, which is based at the University of Florida and directed by Alfred R. Mele.

The cluster group, open to philosophers, neuroscientists and other scholars interested in issues of self-control, is coordinated by Susanne Uusitalo, with Polaris Koi as co-coordinator. Thematically, it also explores questions concerning self-control implied in the current ethical debate on moral enhancement. It will be comprised of a study group, which reads the latest philosophical and neuroethical research on self-control, and three workshops.

The workshops will be constituted of a keynote talk and a series of presentations, giving participants in the study group and other interested persons a chance to present their research on the topic. Confirmed keynote speakers include Neil Levy (Melbourne / Oxford) and Tom Douglas (Oxford). Undergraduates are welcome to attend the keynote lectures.

More information on the event and how to participate will soon be available.

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