Kulttuurihistorian oppiaineeseen saapuu kevääksi 2018 Fulbright-professori Richard McElvain, joka pitää kurssit  History of Western Theatre through the American Prism 
ja Acting; American Stage and Film Performance Techniques.

Richard (oikealla) ja David Zucker (vasemmalla) esityksessä The Shakespeare Guyz vuonna 2012.

Tässä muutama rivi, joilla Richard kertoo taustastaan ja työstään ja antaa vastauksen kysymykseen, mikä sai hänet hakeutumaan Suomeen Fulbright-professoriksi.

I have been a professional Actor/Director/ Playwright in America for 40 years and played the title roles in Macbeth, Tartuffe, The Old Man and the Sea and Galileo. I have directed half the Shakespeare cannon, translated and directed four plays of Moliere and did my own adaptation of Antigone in which I played Creon. Last Summer I wrote and staged a one-man-show based on Stefan Zweig’s The Chess Player and premiered it at The Edinburgh Fringe to great acclaim.

For the last 20 years I have with colleagues built an award winning Professional Theatre and Film Performance Training Program at Fitchburg State University in Massachusetts.

Finland has always fascinated me. Colleagues who had done Fulbright Scholarships in Finland convinced me that It would be a great fit for me so I took their advice. I’m thrilled to be spending the spring in Turku.